Confusion about editing the Icon of a channel. (Permissions)

Hey guys,
I run into the problem that my members can’t change the Icon of their own channel.
I approached it like this:
The Channel owner has the “Channel Admin” Channel Group. In there I set the “i_channel_modify_power” to 75 but still if someone wants to change their Icons it still says
“insufficient Permission Modify Power”.
What could be the problem here?

This is the bare minimum for a channel admin as an example to edit their channel icon.

  • i_permission_modify_power must have at least a value of 1.

  • i_icon_id
    Grant value must be set here and Grant value needs same number as set in i_permission_modify_power.

  • b_icon_manage is enabled.


works like a charm now, thank you very much :slight_smile: