Connecting the query bot to the server

Hello, I have a problem with connecting the query bot to the ts3 server, I do not know what to do in this situation, when I want to run the bot, this error pops up: • Loaded: plugins - 0 | events - 21 | commands - 0
• Checking the packages you need :+1:
• License validation :+1:
• Connecting to the database :+1:
• Checking the database structure
• Connecting to the TS3 server
13:22:18 [TS3] - You got banned from server. Connection closed. - X

Did you put the bot’s ip address on the whitelist.txt?

in what file? Because I do not have whitelist.txt

Its the query_ip_allowlist.txt

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I have an added - this is the first IP

I also have an anti-flood set up

The allowlist has nothing to do with flood points on the server.

The allowlist is only there to ignore flood with Query commands and only Query commands.
The flood settings are there for client commands and not related to Query commands.

But give the bot/query this b_client_ignore_antiflood permission and check if it works. You may need to wait for the bot to be able to connect (iirc it was like 2-3hrs)

In the permissions of the group admin server query?


not 100% sure but give the query client permission and try it later again

Well I did so?

I have had these permissions for 2 days and suddenly the same message as the bot connects

is the bot still banned from the server in the ban list?

The bot still does not connect and it is not on the ban list