Connection incorrectly displayed

If you auto-connect to a server and you get kicked while idling the connection is not being removed. See Picture

I disconnect from the official TeamSpeak Public community Server and it still shows me that Im connected.

I fail to reproduce this with beta 73 or our newest internal client. The shared server is gone as soon i got kicked or disconnected.

But i what i found is that no shared server is set when connection was made with connect on client start.

Note: Share servers are not cleared when it was stopped. This issue exists when another login (like TS Chat app) is still active. So it could be an old connections. This will be fixed in b74.

As I fail to reproduce this i have some questions.

Is it important that it was an auto connect on start?
Is it important to get kicked from server by the server itself?
Did you auto reconnect once or more?
You got a second client with same login running?
What version is your client? Please always add it to reports.

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No, happens when you get kicked by clients or server.
No, I didn’t auto connnect.
5.0.0-beta73 Windows

But auto connect on start shows no entry for my clients?! How can it show for you? hmm

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Thats Interesting. Do you need some logs?

Could it be that you mean the overlay on bottom and not the shared server?
I misread your text combined with the image as connection.

The overlay is not a connection.

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Oh yeah, I mean the overlay. I thought this had something to do with the connection.