Connection Issues while playing Riders Repubilc (Ubisoft)

Hi guys,

as the title says, i have connection Issues to my Teamspeak Server (Nitrado) while playing
Riders Repubilc from (Ubisoft Launcher). While playing, i get a massive High Ping up to 2000+ ms and package loss of 70% and a disconnect. Same thing happens in Discord and other Teamspeak Server.
When i connect through my phone or my brother is connected to the same Server everything (same WLAN) everything is stable, exepct of course my PC connection to it. I use a ‘Fritz!Box 7530 AX’ and a ‘Fritz WLAN Stick AC 860’, i’m from Germany btw. All other Ubisoft games including ‘Steep’ have no issue.
I did try opening Ports, disabled windows defender/firewall, made new rules for firewall, clean boot (software confilct), windows update, network reset, VPN, reinstall (+battleye), disable Crossplay in RR.
Only 2 things i didn’t try is exposed host, which i find to risky and installing RR on my brothers pc to see if the same thing happens (he said no) :expressionless:
I already conntacted Ubisoft but they can’t help me to solve it! I hope one of you can?! :exploding_head:

If you didn’t you should undo all this as it has nothing to do with your problem and can be potentially harmful.

I suspect that the problem is somewhere in your OS / Network Interface or Driver.
What you can try is using a network traffic control program (like NetBalancer (I’m sure there are free alternatives)) to prioritize TeamSpeak or deprioritize the responsible games.


I’d say changing priorities in Task Manager might be a first step?


I did try to priortize it first on Task Manager and then NetBalance, but nothing seem to change after logging into the game map!

Update: the ridersrepublic.exe changed priorities to “high” and ts3.exe changed back to “normal” (task manager).
I changed it while ingame to low and realtime and my ping dropped to 14ms.
So i think it worked??? :thinking:

thank both of you @Wendepuunkt @Gamer92000 :handshake:, didn’t knew it was something that easy

Now i need to make sure the game doesn’t crash :joy:, but that’s not a problem to solve here :wink: