Connection lost several times per day

Hello. Some months ago I had to change my router. I suppose my problem began then, but I’m not sure. I have disconnects (connection lost) from TS3 servers several times per day. Sometimes there are no disconnects for some hours, sometimes it happens every 5-10 minutes. When disconnecting it tries to reconnect continuously but can not. I have to close TS3 client and reopen it, then I can connect immediately. It’s really annoying. I have no problems with other internet aspects, only TS3. When I’m connected to two or more servers, it disconnects from one of them at a time. I used Win7 (for 10 years before last autumn with no problems) and now Win10 64, disconnects are the same. So this is not Windows/antivirus/firewall option. What can you advise?

Are you sure?
Sounds like ddos.
You may want to open and view your connection information when you are on the server.
If you suddenly go up the ping / packet loss you have a good chance ddos.
Maybe someone is having fun with you.

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Sounds like a Firewall / “Security” software is thinking TeamSpeaks traffic to be an attack / flood and then blocking it for a certain period of time.

Check your security software and firewalls (both software and router / hardware) and add exceptions for TeamSpeak / disable flood protection / DDoS protection.


Having fun for months every day? I don’t think it’s possible. I saw people with such problem in internet, but there was no solution besides “i moved to another house”. Well, I’ll try to add exception, thanks. But these disconnects started on win7 suddenly after 9 years of use.
upd: it didn’t help

Probably someone is DDOS-ing your internet. Or just servers on what are you connected are being DDOS-ed.
Ask owners of that servers do they have problems with ddos if not then someone is DDOS-ing you.
Just call your ISP and report the DDOS problem. :slight_smile:

Oh, the almighty word, DDOS. It doesn’t have to be it and probably isn’t.

If you’re having problems like this, the first thing you should do is contact your ISP. I had problems like this two times and both times there was something wrong between my ISP and me.

Huge packet losses can also mean something wrong with your routing settings. If you’re competent enough, you can try resetting your router and setting it up again on your own. But try to not screw up.

Also, even if anything else appears like it doesn’t give a damn about this, it may still chug a bit, but you may not notice it.

So, if you still have this problem, contact your ISP. If that won’t help, then there could be something on your side.

Well, I called my provider again, explained my situation for 3rd time. And they changed my router, as I wished, for free. For last 3 days there weren’t any disconnects. So now this problem is sovled :slight_smile: Thanks to Rostelecom.

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Hi, I have the same problem since some months, I got disconnect from second TS server (tab) after XX hours, and only restarting client or reconnecting via IPv4 if I was connected over IPv6 and vice versa, I don’t have router problems or something like that, I switched the router for connecting to my fiber optic line, I use default MikroTik Routerboard (RouterOS latest stable) and I tested with FRITZ!Box 7590 result is the same, there are no DDoS, Packetloss or other network related problems.

Some ideas?

Kind regards.

Can you try straight connection, without router? The only answer I have now is to take another router…

I will test this and see if I disconnected in XX hours. (Only second TAB connection)
We don’t have network related problems, but to be sure that there is really no IPv4/v6 problem/issue, I added 1 IPv4 & IPv6 as failover IP to be sure.

I will update this thread as soon I know more.

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