Connection lost TeamSpeak3

Hello. After I changed my provider, my TeamSpeak3 started to crash after a different period of time, that is, it writes “connection lost”.
I tried various ways to fix it, allowed TeamSpeak 3 in the firewall, turned off the firewall completely, changed DNS servers on the Internet, reinstalled the program, completely deleted it without a trace.
Nothing helped me.

Have you any TeamSpeak Plugin running that could trigger the crash?

Can you upload the crashdump somewhere? :slight_smile:

I don’t have a crahdamp, it’s empty.
Default TeamSpeak, no plugins.

Windows crashdumps can be found in %appdata%/TS3client/crashdumps

Nothing in this folder?

there is nothing

Sorry for the late reply.
please try start parameter -safemode:

@Rikku There is no crash. He just timed out and calls it crash. Else he wold not have “connection lost”.

@DantKirios watch your ping and packet loss. We can’t do much here since network problems can be anything from your network up to target network.


@Rikku @TS.ChrisR Thank you all for your help. I will be watching the teamspeak