COnstant "error, error, error" when logging into server

I’m running a TS3 server on LinuxGSM via ProxMox (brand new TS3 admin here), it’s up and running and I can connect to it just fine. Once logged in, I set my account as admin using the key provided, but when I’m in there the TS3 client spams “error” over and over again (aloud, in a TTS voice) but I can’t find error logs anywhere, either in the client or in the server files. None of the logs I /can/ find in the server files point to any errors or anything. (not running the server from root, btw, I saw that was taboo)

I’m not sure how to use the serverquery thing although it is active on the server I believe. Where can I find out what’s going wrong? Lots of these posts say to hit tools-error log but I can’t see a tools bar anywhere either, their screenshots look very different to my client!

Client Version 5.0.0-beta77
Build Number: 1702382332

Apologies for what I’m sure is a very simple thing but, brand new at this! Thanks.

Thes are most likely from TeamSpeak 3. You are using TeamSpeak 5, the new Version which is currently still in Beta.

You can find your logs in this folder on Windows:

You said that the Server is newly set up therefore I think it is probably an Audio problem, therefore you are getting the Error sound.

Try to join (you should be able to click the link) and see if you are still getting that error sound. Make sure that you are not connected to any other Server.

As a temporary solution you can disable the Error sound in your Settings:
Go to the Settings Icon → NotificationsWarningsAn error occured and click the X symbol so that it is highlighted.


You’re 100% right on all counts, thanks so much! The audio device (an old interface for recording) was throwing:

[error] [Capture] CaptureDeviceContext callbackWaits1 wait exceeded 5 secs 258 - Line In (TASCAM US-1641)

After having connected with bluetooth headphones, all is well. Thanks for the information and super quick reply. Have a great weekend