Convert Error 1540 when kicking a client

Im trying to send a request to the TS server API to kick a client, but I get back an error code 1540: convert error.

This is my request: http://MYIP/1/clientkick?api-key=MYKEY&reasonid=5&clid=gDhL1DX7PK7nTgzxMGGtQMKhhME%3D

What you entered there seems to be a CLUID but CLID must be a number(s).

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So what’s a CLID and how can I get someone’s CLID from their UID?

A CLID is a temporary ID that can be taken over by any client that connects.
This one can be used to interact with a client.

You can’t. Both are not related to each other.
The CLUID identifies the user for permissions or when user have him as a contact (in TS3 client).

You need the clientlist command to get the CLID. Or you got a TS3 with an extended theme where the CLID is shown.

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So try goal is to kick the client via API before deleting them from the DB to prevent an error being returned if they’re connected to the server. So the easiest and only way of doing it would be to get the client list and then find the client object and get their ID?

There are several ways to your goal:

Here 2 examples of commands in order.
clienntlist [-uid] > clientkick/clientban > clientdbdelete

clientgetids cluid > > clientkick/clientban > clientdbfind > clientdbdelete


Worked, thank you