Copy Permissions from a Group to a User

Since this Function from the Webinterface by Psychokiller (“export permissions”) dont work anymore (get a white Site on it after i pushed on “show”) im searching for an other way to “copy” the whole Permissions from a Group to a User.

/copy group=3 to user=1234 or something like that.
(gives user 1234 serveradmin client permissions)

I dont rly have notion about query (guess it works witrh it?)

How do i do it?

Someone just help me please and tell me how i do what i want. Thanks. :slight_smile:

You have to assign them. There is no copy from Group to User function.

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Where do i find a correct List of the Permission IDs? They are changed.
As Example “50” isnt MaxClient Permission anymore. So Google dont help me.

Is there a Way to read out the Permissions from a Group?

Something like:

showpermissions servergropid=3

Now i got all i need to do what i wanted. Thx! :blush: