Corona virus and licenses

Hey there.
In light of this pandemic, many companies are giving away licences as people need to work from home. Discord even upped their video chat limit. I think TeamSpeak could do the same. There is a huge amount of user influx on public servers and many don’t have enough slots to cover them all.

What do y’all think? :grinning:


Or they simply use Mumble with no slot limits or privacy concerns.

Seriously, TeamSpeak isn’t very attractive to small to medium businesses as there is no transparency about the costs. Even if they gave away licenses now, companies would still have to pay afterwards if they wanted to keep using it and the only information you get about the business license is “contact us” which scares people off.

In the past, it was a matter of simply creating an account, ordering a license and handing the invoice to the finance department.

Now it’s a matter of negotiating with TeamSpeak’s sales department via email which could take who knows how much time until you actually get the license.

Because of that, we decided that Mumble was way faster and easier to obtain.

There go your business opportunities, TeamSpeak. Well done.


Nobody needs Mumble. :grin: