Could not connect to a server after blue screen


I have an odd problem going on. I have been this servers admin for a past 10 years but this is first time this happens to me. Our server is hosted in Germany if that has any meaning.

But last night I had a crash, a blue screen from windows. Nothing of it I just restarted and noticed I got an error “Failed to connect to a server”. Thought our server went down on the same. But all my friends were able to connect to it. And I can connect to everyother server I tried and even host a server on my own computer which we did end up using.

There were no updates or changes to my computer between the crash and the reboot so I have no idea where to start looking. I was hoping it was some clinging connection between me and the server which blocked my from connecting but after a night I still have the same problem.

Tried googling the problem but no luck.

Edit: I can ping the server no problem

Have u tried this?

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Of course. And there were no changes to any of my rules during the restart. I have been able to join that server for years.