Could not open playback device - Teamspeak 3.5.2

I joined my usual Teamspeak channel today and got the message that my headset was not found. The headset is working just fine everywhere else. I can even select it in the teamspeak speaker options, but I don’t get a sound. When testing the device in the teamspeak sound options it states the error message “Could not open playback device”.

I tried restarting the computer. Unplugging and plugging back in. Different USB slot. Ran Windows sound troubleshooter. Checked driver updates. I uninstalled teamspeak and installed it again.

All to no avail. There are 2 things that changed, from yesterday to today. I used my headset on a different computer today (but I did that every day this week --> Corona Home-Office). The other thing was a teamspeak client update.

I am running Windows 10. My headset is a Logitech G35. When I disable the headset speakers in windows I can use either monitor speakers or headphones, but it’s not a solution.

What can I do about this issue?