Could not open playback device

I’m using Steelseries Syberia v2 and they don’t work for me now. Worked perfect a year ago for sure.
When I’m trying to enable them in Playback settings I receive an error:

Error opening playback device:
could not open playback device

Mic works good and I can set audio output to the speakers so I can communicate somehow but not perfect as far all in the room must listen to a teamspeak.

Using latest Teamspeak client, reinstalled drivers for headphones, enabled microphone in the windows settings. When using other apps (when teamspeak is closed) my headphones works well.

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I am not sure what drivers analog headsets with 3.5mm jacks would have… Any drivers would be the sound card device of the computer you are using them on. What sound card or computer are you using?

Please go to your playback audio settings and try setting the output device to Default so it will use the system’s (assuming Windows) current default output device.


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That is a USB device, driver creates a special device in the system. I switch to it in windows and headphones are working well till I launch TS. What I see is that TS uses microphone and that causes some lock of the audio output device. Looks like microphone works because when I talk in TS - users in the channel can hear me, but I don’t hear them or any other sound from the PC.

Try to disable exclusive mode for both.

Open the Sound Control Panel
Select the output / input device
Right Click -> Properties

OK, everywhere I looked before (here and here) the Steelseries Syberia v2 is shown as analog only. But, on looking again and including USB in my search query I found that some came with an optional USB dongle (Alone with marketing I hate: 7.1 sound for a 2 speaker device, it’s as bad as advertising 1080p support for a TV with some 480p native resolution). I find it odd that that dongle/headset has two volume controls and two mic mute switches, really looks like an afterthought not part of the original product design. I’m not sure how that USB device is setup, but I’ve had limited experience with those assumed cheaper USB devices. My Logitech G330 headset came with a similar adapter (no volume or muting controls on my adapter though) and I found it lacking. I can retest with it tonight and see if I works fine or has a similar issue.

My suggestion, if possible, would be to test with the built in sound devices and the headset connected to that instead. If it works fine there maybe look deeper into the USB devices chipset/drivers and see if other devices with the same chipset/drivers are having similar problems for other users.

EDIT: just tested and I have no issues with my USB audio dongle in TeamSpeak.

Driver info for my device

All of the listed files show the same Provider and File Version info
USB audio driver