Counter intuitive Echo Reduction slider

The slider unter Settings > Audio > Echo Reduction (Ducking) is numerically correct but very counter intuitive as full left is the equivalent to max and full right is “off”.
Imo it your be the other way around.

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I get your point, but I think it is that way because the feature reduces the volume of others while you speak. So the further left the slider is the more the volume gets reduced, the volume gets lower and low values are usually on the left.
But to be fair I was confused at first as well.

Yeah as I said, numerically it makes sense but as you increase or decrease the reduction is feels a bit odd. I expected the reduction to be very low when I had the slider on the left, however little did I know I set it to max reduction. It took me some minutes until I actually read the numbers so I thought that many others might be confused as wel

Yeah, I think an additional toggle switch like there is for comfort noise would make the option more clear.