Couple of question regarding ts3 server

1st How do I add my server’s hosting my cod4 console logs in channels? or banners that update info.

I’m also using Hosting Space to host my TeamSpeak server. but when I try to add server to GameTrackers keep getting an error I followed all tutorials but cant seem to get anywhere. Changing Guest permissions, firewall.

Using 3.5.6 QT 5.12.3
“” EEROR I recieved"


One of the following suggestions may help you:

  • Your server is currently offline.

GameTracker needs your server to be online before you can add it to our database. Please restart your server and make sure it’s up before hitting ADD SERVER again.

  • You entered the wrong query port.

Please update your query port and hit scan again

  • Your server is firewalled.

Please turn off any firewall you have that may block scanning or whitelist the gametracker scanning IP addresses:

  • Your server isn’t configured to respond to scan requests. To configure your server to respond properly to scan requests, please visit this forum thread.

System info:
I’m not sure what im doing wrong.
Windows 11 Pro Insider Preview|
|Version|10.0.23451 Build 23451|
Model| OptiPlex 7450 AIO|
Intel i5-7500 CPU
Intel HD 630

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