Crackling (Choppy,crackle,clippng) Mic Audio? [TEMP FIX] (Usually w/ VoiceMeeter)

MANY of our users have run into issues with this crackling, choppy, clipping sound. This audio issue sounds similar to when SAMPLE RATE and BIT RATE inputs/outputs are not sync’d to the same frequency (example: 44.1k Hz & 16 bit). These users are usually running VoiceMeeter as their output to their CAPTURE device on TeamSpeak 3. Additionally, these users also have Discord installed. They also have fixed their SAMPLE RATES to match, but the issue continues to occur.

One of our users found this glitch that can be used as a temporary fix:

  1. Go to Tools > Options > Capture > Capture Mode
  2. Change CAPTURE MODE from ‘default’ to WINDOW AUDIO SESSIONS
  3. Change CAPUTRE MODE from ‘window audio sessions’ to DIRECT SOUND

This has helped temporarily solve this audio distortion issue, but these users also report having to do this every time they launch their TeamSpeak 3 client. One of our users who is trying to investigate into this issue found that there is some kind of interference from Discord. When his mic works on Discord, it malfunctions on TS3, and vice versa. Is something automatically triggering to reset these settings that need to be readjusted each time opening TS3?

This is an unusual situation that may be affecting others, so I decided to make this post to shine some light on the topic, maybe find out more about what is going on ‘behind the scenes.’ Thanks!!

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Thank you for this tip, I will test it today.

Be careful, this trick does not work with the new TeamSpeak version (Beta), because you can not change the capture mode to WINDOW AUDIO SESSIONS or DIRECT SOUND.

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