Create Multiple TeamSpeak3 Servers

Hello, i’m trying to make this work for 4h and nothing until now, i saw many many many threads and nothing works. Anyone could help me with that ? can make a tutorial step by step to make this work ?

  1. Request a license first or rest of tutorial can not be followed.
    TeamSpeak 3 Licensing | TeamSpeak

  2. Wait till you have the license

  3. Download the latest server from TeamSpeak Downloads | TeamSpeak

  4. Extract the server and place that license file (licensekey.dat) in the root of the server folder

  5. Start the server and open needed ports

  6. Use Telnet, Putty or YaTQA and connect to the ServerQuery with the serveradmin login you got on first server start.

  7. Create a new server and then open the port the server does use.