Hello, Need Help with Teamspeak servers

Hello All.

I am trying to host 2 teamspeak servers from my VPS.

Our idea is to have one public for interviews and one private for main operations.

but I don’t know how to proceed or how to do it.

I see tutorials but nothing make sense on how to do it.

I have purchased a $100 licence from Teamspeak and just trying to use it to our advantage.

Any help would be apprectiated.

Kind Regards,

Hey @JoshP

If you have Admin Server Query, you can create a second virtual Server via YatQa its very easy. Login with your Admin Server Query Data and there you go. :slight_smile:

if you need help, feel free to DM Me. :slight_smile:


I have managed to create a second server within it but how do I connect to it as I can only connect to the dafault one and I’m trying to make 2 so we can connect our URL to them.

In the most Cases the second created virtual Server has the Default Port: 9988

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yeah, but when i try Ip:9988 it saus connection failed and whne i try ip:9987 connects but other one doesnt.

Are you sure both instances are running?
I can really recommend a managing tool like YaTQA for stuff like that.

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thats what I have installed and created a second virutal server within it but idk what i’m doing. DO I need to have 2 files within the C drive for TS or does it all goo off the YatQA programme? Confused.

I can’t create screenshots for you rn, as I’m on linux.
In YaTQA under the servers tab you should be able so see both instances and whether they are running.
If both are and you still can not connect to the second one with the correct port check your firewall settings.

what should it be in the firewall as I have multiple ports for voice etc for teampseak.

You need one working TS server installation :white_check_mark:
You need to create a second instance :white_check_mark:
Both need to be running :question:
The firewall should allow all required ports :question:

YaTQA is only used for management / configuration and not required for deployment.

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if i add all those ports to the firwall, would it fix the issue with not being able to connect to the second TS?

You need to check what ports the second instance is using.
When you add those it should work - assuming that this is the only problem.

thank you, I can connect to them now, if I wanted to change them from IP to My website URL how would I do that?

Create a SRV Record on your DNS that pointing to your TS Instance.
The Service Name is “_ts3” on this Record you can also specify the TS Instance Port.