Creating a teamspeak on VPS

Hello, I have managed to install the server files all correctly as I believe, but I am not able to connect. I am using ionos vps packages and have allowed the ports to be open. Any suggestions?

Please provide a few more details such as the OS of the system, which firewall it uses, which ports are open and if the system has a static IP address.

Regarding the installation process you mentioned, it’s basically nothing more than to download and extract the server archive, open the required ports and start the application.


So it is running Ubunu 20.04. The ports are:

I am unsure of which firewall it uses. But these ports are opened. I believe this is the static ip:

Hi it is all working now. The port for ICMP was blocked and I had to change it. Im so stupid. Thank for the help tho :slight_smile:

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