Creating a TS3 voice detection bot

I’d like to create a bot that can detect who is talking in a channel and log that data - I am looking basically for the same functionality as the blue circle that turns on when somone is talking/pressing push-to-talk key in a channel. Has anyone tried to do that before? I’ve been looking at some js libraries that integrate TS’s Server Querry, but as far as I can tell, those libraries aren’t built for this. Any ideas?

clientlist -voice is the ServerQuery command you’d like to use here.
That’s what i can tell you.


Method 1: Using a QueryBot

in advance: I use the following api to create query bots using java:

note that there is no event (as far as I know) that waits for a client to speak, so it is best to use a timer that checks through (very unperformant):

    @Scheduled(fixedDelay = 1000)
    void logTalkData() {
        for (Client client : de.querybot.bots.headbot.main.Main.api.getClients()) {
            if (!client.isServerQueryClient() && client.isTalking()) {
                System.out.println(Main.getTime() + "client " + client.getUniqueIdentifier() + " is talking.");

Method 2: Using Teamspeak5 RemoteApp

another method would be to set up a VM running a Ts5 client which communicates with a remote app and logs the events if there is a jsonObject with the type “talkStatusChanged”.

this would look like this:

    "payload": {
        "clientId": 13,
        "connectionId": 2,
        "isWhisper": false,
        "status": 1
    "type": "talkStatusChanged"

then write your script so that it only outputs requests where the status is set to “1”.

but note that you only get a clientID which changes when you reconnect (as far as I know) but if a client is talking and you get this message on your remote app you could make a request on a rest endpoint which then checks by id which client that was.

i repeat, these are only very very shaky and unperformant methods on my part, if someone has a better suggestion, happy to share.