Creating Servericons

I am playing around with my servericons to create some nice svg icons.
I found a free program called Inkscape and its working well with the “all new TeamSpeak” but on TeamSpeak3 all my svg icons are invisible.
Does anyone know how to set up this software to get working svg icons in TeamSpeak3 or any other free Software to use?



Well check if the icons are having a low data size and the files should also not be damaged after all. Basically… I personally create server icons by myself, using photoshop; the graphic is like 256x256 but the but the file should not the bigger than 8kb of course.

You may convert them to PNG’s or SVGs. In your case, with SVG’s should be way careful because those files can get broken pretty easy - or because of vector graphics.

And somehow because of these broken icons, the TS3 client cannot resolve these SVG icons. But I guess that TeamSpeak beta is way more prepared for this.

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I would like to add something to @MCG’s answer about ”8kB” (I think you meant 8 kilobytes, not 8 kilobits, known also as one kilobyte :smiley:).

Even if normally .svg’s are smaller than .png’s, sometimes, with some shapes, .svg’s can get even few times bigger than corresponding .png’s. This way, before you upload your icons, check which of two is smaller, so that icons doesn’t clog up anyone’s connection and are under limit.

Also, preferably, try to use only one type of files across all icons.


I got it working but not the way i want
(for ranks a circle with the rank numer in, the circle was displayed the number not. -_-).
So i decided to switch to PNGs.
My files have a ratio of 256x256 px and are around 6-15 kB and its looking good with them :slight_smile:

thanks anyway

Nice that everything works, but maybe this will help you create svg icons.

If you’re using Inkscape, try this:

  1. Create a circle. Doesn’t matter what color, just make a circle.
  2. When circle is selected, press Control+Shift+R.
  3. Use Text Tool to put number. Select that and press Control+Alt+T and Control+Alt+H to center text.
  4. When number is selected, press Control+Shift+C.
  5. When number is centered, select both circle and number by pressing F1, clicking anywhere on canvas and pressing Control+A (you can also select both objects with mouse by dragging it over both objects after you press F1). After that press Control+Alt+”-”.
  6. Now you have a circle with cut out number. You can change the color of a circle however you want and no matter what color, said number will be cut out.

If you want your number to have different color than circle and don’t want to have it transparent, after point 4 select number and change it’s color.

Point 4 is the most important! If you create anything with Text Tool, you must use it! Remember this.

After all of this save your image.

I hope I haven’t said anything wrong and said shortcuts are correct, cause I’m writing this from my memory.


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Yeah that was the thing which I’ve tried to mention. Through my experiences with SVG files: The shape or content will be alright after the rendering but letters & numbers may can cause some problems. Mostly that they get broken somehow and don’t show the full editing after the converting process.

I’ve always switched from SVG to PNG and I honestly like it - or well said; it’s enough to me. ^^

But I hope you’re done with that problem as well.

Sure, im now on PGNs, trying to create 100 Lvls on SVGs is a way to much work for me now bcs ive created them already in PGNs. But yeah thank you for the info. Gimp is the way it works.

how about canva? Though I didn’t use it for making icons, hope it might be works.