Ctrl + F functuon

Hey. My Ctrl + F is give a Error Code 3 on TS 5 since its “released”. The devs can fix this?
its so annoying to scroll over the channel tree and visit every channel for find my mate…

There is no function to search in server tree. So i have no idea what “Error code 3” you mention here.

CTRL + F opens the general search bar.


so if i wanna search for my friend after press Ctrl + F (Screenshot by Lightshot) and type his name i get this message (Screenshot by Lightshot) so meant the ctrl + F search for server and TS 5 account with a name what filled the textbox…

As i wrote before.

So do not use it for this. It won’t work.

But thank you for clarification what you do there.
The error you get is because a user dav1d does not exist with that contact address.


in the future, will able to search with Ctrl + F like in TS3?