Custom TS3 Plugin?

Hi guys,

Sorry for posting again, but I regret taking down my original post so I figured I’d post it again.

“Hi guys,

Not sure if this is the right place for it or not & I apologize if it isn’t, but I am wondering if there’s anyone out there who’d be able to make a custom TeamSpeak3 plugin for me, which ultimately would be shared with members of my PC gaming community, based off of a YouTube video from a member of another gaming community explaining how their plugin works.

I unfortunately do not have many details on how the plugin works, except what is said in this video ( starting shortly after the time in the link.
The sounds you hear, based on how the video author explains it, are “provided”/controlled by the plugin (the “chirp” is very similar if not the same to Zello). The plugin also has another tone to it, that is only used when necessary as heard in this video when the author accidentally hit his hotkey for it ( (all hotkeys are chosen by each member). The sound in question is a tone that sounds equivalent to a panic alarm on some real two way radios.
I also know, from previous YouTube videos from this person, that if the user does not have their plugin activated/ turned on, they are unable to “transmit”/ talk at all in the respective PTT channel they are in & it must be activated/ turned on in order for them to talk & that this plugin must also utilize RadioFX for making people sound like they are on a radio.

I’ve looked into asking on that community’s website, however as a non-member of that community there is no place to post & ask, & the way their forum is setup I do not have permission to send a PM to any active member. I do know a few people who are active members & so obviously have the plugin, but I will not ask them if they’d share the plugin the me, because that would ultimately result in them likely getting banned from the community for sharing community assets/ files & in turn would likely give my community a bad name/ reputation.

Ultimately, my goal for this plugin is once it’s working perfectly, I would give the author/ person who is helping me create it permission to publicly release it for everyone to use for their community.

Please PM me if you’re interested & we can discuss specifics.

If you’ve made it this far in this topic, thank you for your time in reading this.


Im with ya bro. I’d love the same plugin for my community too

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