Customizable translation files

I noticed that you have added German translation in the latest beta version, but the official team’s update speed is too slow. Is it possible to include language files that users can customize? It seems that you have already added similar files in the current version (en.json / de.json), but the modifications don’t seem to take effect. Before the community completes the lengthy translation process on Weblate, it would be great to provide temporary translation files for users of other languages.

If someone wants to translate the Client, the user should contribute to Weblate rather than wasting their time on a translation just for their own.

I think if a language is finished on Weblate the language gets added to the Client. Until then it does not make sense to ship a half baked translation.


As I mentioned before, translating on Weblate is indeed a lengthy process, involving thousands of strings. Users translate while the official team reviews the translations. Given the current update speed, it is possible that users of other languages may have to wait for a year or even longer to have access to Teamspeak5 in their own language. Allowing users in need to complete a temporary translation file themselves would only take a few hours. I believe this is worthwhile, don’t you think?

The Team does not review the translation! If you wanna contribute to a language, you’ll probably be faster with Weblate, as it offers checks and the collaboration of for example two people.

The Team does however manually assign user to the languages. So after posting in the announcement thread you’ll probably be assigned in one or two work days. And you can directly start the translation process.


The German translations is always about 99-100% done. This happened before we opened this for the community.

Open comments or suggestions doesn’t mean we take these.
We don’t want Kanal to used instead of Channel as an example. There are and there will several of these suggestions come.

How do expect to translate anything that doesn’t exist yet for updates?