Database edit [unsupported]

Hi, I want to move my Teamspeak to another server, last few times I’ve just moved sqlite.db file, and it worked, I have all rooms, icons, avatars etc backuped, but what I want to change is online time of all users on Teamspeak. Because I have bot that counts time of every user on Teamspeak and gives him verified permissions after 5 days online on server so he can poke or send PM. So I want to reset all of my users time to 0, but having all rooms, and icons still up

As the staff would say it’s not supported to edit the server database.

But if you like to you can edit your SQLite database, open the ‘clients’ table and edit the last_online column.
(or last_seen - can’t check the right name atm)

The server has to be offline while editing the database.

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Download an sqlite editor and execute these two sql commands:
UPDATE clients SET client_totalconnections = 0, client_lastconnected = NULL
UPDATE client_properties SET value = <currentTimeStamp> WHERE ident == "client_created"
You have to reset <currentTimeStamp> with the int value of the unix time.

I really like this one:

Keep in mind TeamSpeak does not support this officially.

Also here you can find the current unix time:

Maybe you should also create a backup before tinkering with the database.

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Absolutely you should :smiley:

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Well I’ll try and I’ll see how it goes. I have almost 200 daily users so I really don’t want to fuck anything haha. But thats the only way to do it so will give it a try

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