Database edit [unsupported]

Hi, I want to move my Teamspeak to another server, last few times I’ve just moved sqlite.db file, and it worked, I have all rooms, icons, avatars etc backuped, but what I want to change is online time of all users on Teamspeak. Because I have bot that counts time of every user on Teamspeak and gives him verified permissions after 5 days online on server so he can poke or send PM. So I want to reset all of my users time to 0, but having all rooms, and icons still up

Download an sqlite editor and execute these two sql commands:
UPDATE clients SET client_totalconnections = 0, client_lastconnected = NULL
UPDATE client_properties SET value = <currentTimeStamp> WHERE ident == "client_created"
You have to reset <currentTimeStamp> with the int value of the unix time.

I really like this one:

Keep in mind TeamSpeak does not support this officially.

Also here you can find the current unix time:

Maybe you should also create a backup before tinkering with the database.

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Absolutely you should :smiley:

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Well I’ll try and I’ll see how it goes. I have almost 200 daily users so I really don’t want to fuck anything haha. But thats the only way to do it so will give it a try