Database error after migrating server - TS3 - ubuntu


I have an issue, i had ts3 server hosted on VPS on CentOS 7 inside docker - it was made by guy i lost contact with, and becouse i didnt know anything about managing docker i decided to migrate server to Ubuntu 18.04 - i installed fresh teamspeak than i copied all old files into fresh instalation directory :

Server is working, i can connect, channel system is good, thing is i cant manage premisions becouse of database error, i cant add or remove groups, i cant edit groups i cant even create new one group, everything i try to do i get database error, new people that havent been on my teamspeak (new identities ) cant also connecnt becouse server cant add guest group becouse of database error. Is there any way to fix it ?
Sorry for bad English.

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I guess your server can’t edit your ts3server.sqlitedb file.


ok, thats something. Do you have any idea how to make it possible? Might it be an issue with VPS user premissions ? I didnt install it on root i did it on new user

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It’s about file permissions, you can edit them for each file.


Thank you man! I used chmod for folder and now after server restart it does work.

I wouldnt make it without you !