DDoS Problems


We are getting a DDoS Attack. But access to all teamspeak ports is not lost. Shouldn’t all servers be lost in a DDoS Attack? I tried DDoS Attack later on my own server. When I do a DDoS Attack on Port 9987, port 9988 is still open and usable. When I try a DDoS attack on port 9987 on a different IP address, access to the entire server is lost. Port 22 is still open and available. How can I keep Teamspeak ports active when they are attacked? Because there is no problem on the server port 22


TeamSpeak does not care about your server network hardware/traffic. All TS-servers are sitting here on their own! The only thing you may can do is to apply firewall rules on your system.

Otherwise you may talk to your hosting provider how these DDoS attacks are able to survive the heat — but we’re mostly talking about the server which is able to filter these attacks. On a specific port just for one service doesn’t matter at these kind of days anymore. Mostly the whole network is getting lost due heavy DDoS attacks.

Simply it may could be the power from the DDoS attack/botnet as well. But honestly I don’t support such attack routines if you ask me for further attack ways.


What you can do while getting a DDos Attack:

  1. Disallow new users or users in default channel to send messages.
  2. Change IP (ask hoster to do that).
  3. Force users to connect via SRV RR only.
  4. Do not use weblist

@MCG @Rikku

Just in the moment of attack only
I want to know how the attacked port was closed. On some servers, all ports are closed. I think it’s a good thing

This could be an firewall related action.

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