Deactivate query at all?

Hello. Since some weeks i got query logins from unkown ip’s all the time. I guess thats why my server crashing from day to day. After I blacklist thos IP’s via deny list it got silent for some days and then the crashing starting again. Most of thos IP’s come from china.

I see in the logs that its a query request which probably flailed. So my question is how can i deactiavte all query access points, query, ssh query and http query?

If i need this access i can restart the server with turned it on but since nobody use it except for me i dont need it activly running and if i deactivate it i will deny any possible attacker who want to use this access.

The easiest solution would probably just to close the port in the firewall.
You then would still be able to connect to the query from the server or through an SSH tunnel.


Thats a good idea.

I will do that. Thanks.

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