Dedicating more power to security level increase

Hello! I’ve been getting some identities to a high security level, just for testing on my server and setting things up in case I need them. I started looking into task manager to see how much computational power it was using, and for both TS3 and TS5, it was about 10% of my Ryzen 3600 CPU. So, I was wondering if there was a way to make it dedicate more power to the hashing algorithm. I’d like to get my main identity to level 50, just for the novelty. But I don’t wanna wait 3 years… If there is a way to increase it, help is greatly appreciated. Or at the very least, if it’s possible to upgrade 2 identities at once.
Also, on an unrelated note, I noticed that during my 10 trials, TS5 Beta [62] got from level 25 to 30 in around 4-6 minutes on average, while it took TS3 around 8-12. I know that it’s random and this is probably just a coincidence, but is there a chance that TS5 has been more optimized? Thanks in advance.

The point behind a security level is that people can not create them as fast as they want. Else they could rejoin faster when they got banned on their ID.

So no multi core support etc.


Ok, thank you! Now time to leave my computer on for 7 years… :smiley: