Default Installation Folder for TS5?

I’m looking around for the default location for this since I want to add it to the good side of my Antivirus but when I click open folder on the shortcut, it just takes me right back to the shortcut I clicked.

Where would I find this?

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I‘m pretty sure it might be at C:\Program Files\TeamSpeak

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Not there for me.

What’s your OS?

It’s Windows 10, I have Teamspeak 3 in there but not Teamspeak as I’ve seen other people call the directory.

Have you installed the TS5 Client via the Microsoft store or at the Downloading Page?

Therefore you could have a look into C:/Program Files/WindowsApps

It was the Downloading Page, 100% certain.

Just weird. :’)

Please try`:

Installation is:

Cache and Logs:


Apparently there’s only Cache, Logs and User Data inside here:


This is a bit hacky, but you can find the installation by looking at this registry key:


Simply start regedit and enter the path in the nav bar at the top.
Then the default value should point to the executable.

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Yeah this helped, apparently mine is installed in this location:


Look what i wrote in my Post…

It should the same as your Path.

I think I overlooked the “Programs” directory in your location sorry about that.

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