Default port 9987 TCP load balancer


I plan to use a load balancer in front of my teamspeak server. since everything is running on the server (website, teamspeak and a few other services).

the load balancer only supports http/https/tcp. 9987 udp must be released as port. can you still do it?

You answered your own question!

When there is no UDP support, then UDP won’t work.


what would happen if I omit that or take it as tcp?

Then you have a TS server where no client can connect to.

As i wrote you answered it already.

Ach damn, thks for quick reply :slight_smile:

There are load balancers that do support UDP (like nginx) but that would make little sense.
Imagine you and your friend want to connect to the same server but it is load-balanced. So internally you are sent to different servers and hence can not talk to each other as you are not connected to the same server even though you entered the same address.

A highly anticipated option would be the ability to add voice instances, so that whatever channel you are on, you could be connected to another voice instance based on the best parameters for the user, permission data could be provided via API/Socket from the base in real time. This would increase fault tolerance because the server would not be set in stone, and it would give flexibility to the intercommunity.

The Matrix (formerly riot) protocol that the teamspeak 5 version uses enables such elements, but whether we get such capabilities as self-hosting would be nice.