Default Soundpack with names

Morning, guys.
I am a teamspeak user (have my own teamspeak) for the past 5 years. At least for the past 4 (more or less) I am using the “default soundpack with names” from Jevon that I downloaded from here. I like to know how is entering the server and that.
I reinstalled my system (from w7 to w10) some days ago and I reinstalled it all. Most of my TS setting was saved because I am logged but I have to reinstall the soundpack and now it has indian accent. The problem with that is that it changes completely the pronunciation of names from clients.
What can I do?.. any idea why it is changed? where can I find those files (there files I found are the default female soundpack)
thanks in advance for any help

Hello, by installing Windows + TeamSpeak, the sound pack has returned to the default value, you can download the sound pack again by going to Tools ► Options► Addons.

Once the pack is installed go to Notification and choose your sound pack.


Thanks Karazhan, I did that but I was always using the “Default pack with Names” so instead of “user join your channel” I could know the name of th person.
That pack used to use the voice of the “Default female sound pack” but now, it is using a different pronuntiation (I think it is from India) and considering that english is not my first language, then… it is a problem! jajajaja
So the question is… how can the “Default female sound pack with names” goes back to the original pronunciation? thanks

Unfortunately the packs are often in English you have to find after the sounds in the addons in your language.

I know there is an addon which allows you to see who joined the channel but I can’t remember the name.

And many addons have been removed due to incompatibility with the new version 3. .

Maybe in the mean time author updated their Soundpack with different TTS Voice, which sounded better for them… That’s the case if it really had sounded like Default one before and now it’s not.

One way would be to manually edit Soundpack files, but this may change nothing.
Other way would be to contact Add-on Author.

Yeah, thans a lot… I think that is what I need to do. contact with Jevan and ask… to see if I can have the previous version.

Everything is fine with the soundpack. It’s still the same. However, when you switched to Windows 10, the default Text-To-Speech voice (which the soundpack relies on, to read out the names) was changed too.

To switch voices, hit the Windows key, enter speech recognition in the search bar, and open the Control Panel that is suggested. There you should find on the left side a link called Text to Speech. Click on the link, pray that your Windows installation comes with extra TTS voices, open the menu of the combo box under Voice Selection, switch voices, and hit Apply.

If the Voice Selection doesn’t feature any other voices, you are unfortunately out of luck. The process of adding new voices seems rather complicated.