Determine client security level automatically

Very straight up question:
Is there a way to determine the identity security level of a specific client using a client plugin or the ServerQuery?
I would like to allow all users to connect (security level 8) but limit certain actions to higher security levels.
I can limit the actions using bots, but now I need a way to determine the security level of a user.

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Just edit the virtuell server and under security change it from … to the number you want . Other wise it is not possible

The security level only limits who can connect to the server.

I don’t think you can set the security level of a client, since everyone can change the security level of their identities.

I do not want to set the level, I want to get the level.

I am well aware of that and I am looking for a way to change that.

I want to see the client security level of other clients, not set the the server’s required security level

That’s not possible, only with an plugin.

As far as I know it’s not possible with a normal client to get the security_level from another client. I also checked the documentation from teamspeaks server query and didn’t find any method to get it.

To get the security_level you need the full IDENTITY_STRING but you can only see there normal UID

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If i could give you a tip:
You can use a level-botsystem. In the end it’s almost the same. People have to wait a certain time to get higher. This gives them more rights.

Good idea, but I want people that spent days building the identity to have higher permissions from the start, this cant be done with a bot as far as I know.
But thanks for the suggestion.

I think this is a cool idea, definitely a worthy feature.