Developer Badge Not Appearing

Hey Hoping anyone can help me here, I’m a registered and approved developer, however my developer badge never auto assigned to my myteamspeak account - I have messaged support and they told me to come here lol, Hoping someone can help me out, would really like to have that developer badge for when I join ts servers.

You do not get a badge for registration.

Only when at least one addon was uploaded (which is not possible at this moment) and approved by us.



Hey there,

in my “MyTeamspeak” i see that I’m an Developer but, i dont have die Badge ID. We’re could i found this?

The badges say Creator of at least X TeamSpeak Addon(s).
It has been a few years since you got the badge for simply registering.
You need to actually create addon(s).
Unfortunately you can not submit new addons at the moment.

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@Gamer92000 i guess he doesn’t talk about the “TeamSpeak Addon Developer” but for the TeamSpeak Addon Author. In the past when you did apply for addons dev and you got accepted you were given this badge.

@Sgt.FloriaanTV unfortunately this badges is not to be given anymore.