Did everyone who signed up for the beta get a key?

I’m trying to figure out if I was just unlucky in not getting a key or if the email got lost somehow. It seems like everyone who signed up for the beta got a key but I don’t wanna just go to support going “wheres my key???”


Yep got one in mail but only 1.

I got three beta keys for my registration as a TeamSpeak 5 beta tester over the official page of TeamSpeak.


Don´t forget the ones where they failed and send out hundreds if not thousands of keys for another badge :joy: :eyes:

Yeah I’ve got one a few days ago but I already had a friend send me a different code. Probably going to give my spare code to someone for some $$$ as I hear people really want it.

I was one of those who got one code, which makes it impossible to actually test the new features since I need another person who uses the beta to test with. New interface looks pretty though! :slightly_smiling_face:

I get 3 codes.
I give two codes to my friends.
But they still use TS3.
:slight_smile: :rofl:

I believe they said they haven’t finished distributing keys.

Yes, but I don’t know why I got 4 beta key in 1 email :joy:

I got 3 keys

I got 3 keys after about a week.

don’t worry, my friend got hes key yesterday. So they are still sending them out.

Yep a few. You should just wait a bit a friend of mine got one yesterday.

I have been told that everyone who registered for beta should have their codes at the end of this month. That´s their plan.
Ofc things could change but I believe that over the next 4 weeks everyone has their code. :slight_smile:

hopefully not open beta open and expand everything good fast

Thats good to hear. Hopefully I just get mine later then. Hate to be the only person on my ts server who doesn’t have it and I have to manage the server with the server owner haha!

I got 3 weeks later my email with 10 beta keys. :slight_smile:


Yep. I got the 4 codes.


Yep. I’ve got 4 keys


no keys here