Disable Channel (Typed) Message in Overwolf


I wonder if there is a way to Disable Channel (Typed) Message in Overwolf overlay?
I only need notification of people talking in game, but no typed messages of the channel we are in. Is this doable?


This has already been made. I got overwolf like this.

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It would be helpful if you can tell me how did you set it up , please?

That’s what you want right?

Just open the game you want, then run the teamspeak overlay from overwolf and that’s it. Minimize the small windows that opens and you are ready.

I got that, part, but if someone type message in TS channel that we are all in, i am still getting notification in game - i want to disable that

Uhh, got your point. I think that there is nothing like that, yet.

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Ya man,… this is so anoying :confused:

Perhaps, if i disable chat notification in teamspeak completely,… wonder if thats/how possible?

Why don’t you contact the guys from Overwolf directly? They know best if that is possible.

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Hi Chris, I did and am waiting on response.

In general, TS question - am i able to disable notification, not only sound, for messages typed in channel chat?

There are no other notifications as sounds when someone sends a message into chat?

The only thing i know is that the chat tab changes it’s color when it wasn’t active and a new message appeared and this can’t get turned off.

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Thanks Chris, so this may only be disabled/tweaked on Overwolf end, if they decided to add this feature.