Disable standard join channel from bookmark on server

Hello Guys,

is there a way to disabble the standard channel and force members to join a particular channel ?


If you’re server admin, you can specify what channel users connect to when joining server. When someone specifies different chanel via bookmarks, I don’t think there’s any way to disallow this.

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thanks for the answer… but thats not the solution im loking for :slight_smile:

Maby there is a way, but no one knows it :slight_smile:

So, if you can, expand your question.

i just want to be able to disable the bookmark default channel ^^

so that every user is forced to join via the Server Default Channel.

That’s impossible.

If I’m wrong, correct me.

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i have a bot which checks the API when joining and if the API is not correct anymore, the rights will be withdrawn or changed. So if a user joins a bookmarked channel, I don’t catch him.

this is a solution approach, whereby I would have liked the solution of switching off better :slight_smile:

thanks for the inputs :slight_smile: