Disable whisper in default chanel for guest role

How I can disable whisper in default chanel for guest role? Pl help me for this problem.

Set permission i_client_whisper_power for guest role.

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If you don’t want anyone to whisper in the default channel, the channel permission for whispering to this Channel has to have an higher value than client‘s whisper power.

This would disable whisper for all Guest users and not for Guest in a target channel.

Right but

@M1r0H you must set a needed whisper power in each channel where a Guest should not be able to whisper into.

The needed whisper power in Default channel would only prevent that the can whisper into the Default Channel.


I want the guests not to hear the whispers. How do I do that?

You can not make anyone to not hear something!

What you can do is to make Guest unable as target to get whispered to.
Set a needed whisper power into guest group which is above 76. Now all default Groups can not whisper to a Guest Group directly.

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TeamSpeak 3, I want to turn off the use of whisper mode on our server we host for players that join us during games we host. Is there an option to disable the whisper mode?


Whisper is managed with permissions to whisper. Not a mode.

In server permission you need to set a low or negative value in permission
i_client_whisper_power for groups that should not be able to whisper.

Or raise the value to 76 in permission i_client_needed_whisper_power in any group where whispers should not arrive.

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