Disconnect clients from server with client bug

hello several months ago I have a person who is dedicated to bothering with some kind of bug in the client disconnects us all from the server. I don’t know where to start to check where the problem is

Server Versión:3.13.6 on Linux
Cliente Version :3.5.6 window

Did you get an error message in the servelog?

I know, there are client crashers that cause a database error, but this is unlikely with a new server version.

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it doesn’t just start disconnecting us all and we reconnect again. I dismiss a ddos ​​attack entirely because the mitigation service does not warn me of a possible attack. Also, the same thing always happens, enter the server, it begins to disconnect until we ban it and it stops happening. It seems that it needs to be inside the server to be able to do what it does, that is why I completely discard the ddos. I kept a record of the client from that moment that I review it there is nothing strange but later I will publish it layers you can see something that I am not now going to work

I want to clarify that this happens for several versions of clients and servers but I do not report it because I have no way of knowing how it does it, it does not get any kind of proof until yesterday that I try to enter 10 more times after having banned it, it is already annoying

well I could solve it just the same error is. But no one should know how to fix it. For my part, as only this person was from a single country, I blocked all types of access to the server. I’m sorry for the whole country but they were all blocked