"Disconnected" sound when you quit TS5

I love Teamspeak and I’ve been using it for at least 10 years now. I liked the previous client GUI and I adore this new one and its new functionalities.
There is only one missing thing: the “Disconnected” sound. That calm voice that reassured you about your disconnection from the server; the confirmation that you closed Teamspeak and that it’s not running in background somehow (like that damn Discord does).
How can I have it back using the new client? :pleading_face:


We have this on our list, but it has low priority.

Reason: When user does close the client, then all connection is stopped.

AND ONLY if user does set to hide the client when pressing the X, the client will not do this. But the user did setup his client do act like this.


It’s possible to setup custom sounds (disconnected) with a little workaround.
That being said, it’s inofficial and must be redone with every Update.
Not sure if it also works when you close the Client, ill check that later for you again.

If youre still interested in howto, check the following discusssion.


I was somewhat wrong. If you want a disconnected sound after you closed the client, you have to wait until its implemented by the programming team.
With my workaround above you can only change the sounds if you dislike the default one.

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