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Hey guys. Names FoUnDeR and is very interested about Teamspeak. I have a suggestion today. How about we make a discord rich presence plugin for teamspeak 3 + 5?

So people can show in there status that they also in TS.
I hope you guys get a decent decision.

Best Regards,
FoUnDeR | A TeamSpeak User
Peace out!


So you mean a status in Discord that indicates you’re in TeamSpeak?:joy:

That is already possible without any plugin or what exactly do you mean?

Do you mean that is displayed to you in discord: plays TeamSpeak?
because that makes no sense if you can program a little bit it also works like this.

You don’t need to have any programming skills to do that, you just need to take TeamSpeak into DC’s game activity.

Sounds competitive :rofl:

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Well yeah but I don’t think it really shows TS’s icon in our rich presence section.