DNS instead of IP when adding server to favorites

hello there,

most of the TS3 servers are hosted at home by users that do not always have a static ip.
would be really nice if server owners could set their own dynamic DNS adress as the server “IP” so that people who come to the server and enjoy the experience can return to the server even when the IP changes. The DNS will bring them to the correct IP.

Thank you. Keep up the good work!

This is up to the server owners to install a DynDNS service and has nothing to do with TeamSpeak itself.

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I mean when people favorite the server, so that it favorites the dns not the ip. get it?

It always saves the string you entered when connecting.
So when you connect to example.com, example.com will be saved.
If you however connect to only the IP will be saved.

Yeah. I know that. Wishing I could enter the server adress people have when favoriting no matter how they connected initially

This is not possible (at least not easily).
You had to do a reverse IP lookup in order to find domains to the given IP.
Then you need to select the correct domain as multiple domains can point to the same IP.
Also reverse IP lookups can only find A and AAAA records and no SRV, CNAME etc records.

You could implement a setting to the server that “redirects” the traffic to a given domain or IP but then you couldn’t really use multiple domains for one TeamSpeak server.

Conclusion: I doubt this will be implemented (at least anytime soon)

But why would the server owner even give out his IP instead of the domain?

Reverse IP lookups usually don’t yield any usable results for provider assigned IP addresses anyway.

But you don’t need any lookups whatsoever. Just provide the server owner with a way to configure a static host name and have clients use that for their bookmarks. It’s then up to the server owner to ensure that the host name always points to the correct IP address.

One of the game servers I’m currently running does that and reports the configured host name to the public server list. People connecting or adding the server to their favorites automatically use that host name.

Yes, you summarized exactly what I was trying to say.
But I still see a lot of potential problems with this and doubt the focus is currently on such new server features rather than the new client.

If your friends have a registered account @ myteamspeak use the myteamspeak function (servername), so you don’t need any dyndns, if you don’t have a static ip this option should by the easiest one…

He is not talking about

would be really nice if server owners could set their own dynamic DNS adress as the server “IP” so that people who come to the server and enjoy the experience can return to the server even when the IP changes. The DNS will bring them to the correct IP.

So maybe you should read the complete text, if he use the myteamspeak function there no need of any form of ip/dns, and the users always return to the same ts.

If he give his dynip to he’s users there noway to redirect the users back to this ip, it’s really unreal to get the same dynip again from the providers ip pool.

And second the DNS server don’t know/don’t care what is dyn or static is just a resolver not more, maybe a DNS Cache server can hold the dynip longer in a the cache but for that all of his users must use the same DNS Cacher.
So non of this is working.

1st There are DynDNS providers that for this exact reason don’t cache IPs.
2nd If you use server nicknames you also have to supply the current IP at all times. And afaik there is no API to do so automatically.
So NO, nicknames are no alternative for this problem and also this is not what this question is about.

Maybe my choice of words is not the most easy to understand.

User connects to the server, let’s say, using the free teamspeak list.
User has a nice time and wants to favorite the server. He does this and 1 week later the server is down while the ip changed.
My wish : Possibility to set the domain name for the server. When doing this, the user that connected with the ip, adds as favorite the server with the DNS set from owner.

Got my point?

Ok that with server nicknames you are 50% right, but supply the current ip is not the only option you can add the dyndns domain.
And you are missing one point…

can return to the server even when the IP changes. The DNS will bring them to the correct IP.

  1. TeamSpeak have to save his dynip to one global database that’s really unreal.
  2. TeamSpeak must know “oh his ip is changed, let’s change it” and update the Teamspeak DynDNS hostname.
    All of this is not the job of TeamSpeak, Teamspeak provide servernames that’s enough, when you can add your domain to servernames.

And the last point, well it exist dns provider who you can config you dyndns cache expire ttl.

This post took a wrong twist at some point :slight_smile: please refer to my previous post. above this one …

I got it what you mean, but to reach this TeamSpeak must provide this feature.
It’s no possible reach this goal without TeamSpeak add this function.

PS, i only want you give some option that you can use to reach this function ± without Teamspeak providing this feature.

Dynamic DNS ip update is done on my Synlogy NAS very nicely and with the purchase of the NAS “free” :slight_smile: the TS Server itself runs on a Virtual Machine on the NAS.

Ok, You only want reach that user who pick you TS one the Serverlist can come back?
I don’t use Serverlist and is disabled on my TS, but if you have a DynDNS Domain, is the Serverlist providing your DynDomain? Or what will be show’n in the Serverlist?

Ok you said when favorite it, you can do nothing if the users favorite your DynIP, and in don’t think that TeamSpeak can add this function to DynIPs because your PTR record will change always, and TeamSpeak don’t know that you use DynDNS who only do a A or AAAA record.

In the serverlist is shown the name I set for the server. When joining and trying to favorite it, will favorite the IP.

Ah ok, because TeamSpeak don’t know your DynDNS domain.
And don’t provide a function that you can set your DynDNS instead of IP.

In this case you should give a shot @myteamspeak servernames and providing you dyndns domain as source, maybe Teamspeak will add this instead of your DynIP.