Do not get any email (Hotmail, Live, Outlook)

I’m trying to register as a private gamer as I want to buy a license. But when i try to register, I don’t get the code sent to my e-mail.
The mail is not caught in my spam filter.
Can you help me?

My user is: hitman22jen

Hotmail, Live, Outlook

Microsoft has a strict rules and starts blocking emails, when sender sends lots of emails.
We are target of such blocks and reached out several times with same result.

What i can tell you is that It can help to add following as contact

[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]


That’s a problem with hotmail… They block basically all incoming traffic.
The easiest solution would be to add the following addresses to you cantacts in hotmail.

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Then please contact Microsoft support.
They are blocking us, as I mentioned before.


I forgot my password and now I am not receiving the mail containing the authentication key to my mail. I wrote the problem to [email protected] and they banned my support account… just asking them to help

We can not solve this.
Microsoft decided to block our mails and won’t do anything here.

Please read my first reply to this topic.


I have the same issue and nobody is helping me from teamspeak support.
They send me here to complain to the community to receive an answer 2 weeks later, while I need it now.

I literally have contracts running on my account and can’t access them, because their email server is broken and they refuse to look into it.

I’m using Outlook.


The email server is not broken. It sends the email no matter who the target provider is.
Broken in that case is Microsoft’s policy to block E-mails when sender does reach out for lots of users.

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We even tested with different providers. With different e-mails.
The support also didn’t help, but rather trolled me. Professional.

They can’t.
As i wrote nothing is broken on our email server.

I test such things before I reply to any complain about our services.

This is not true.
They have orders where to send people in case a,b,c, x etc. and in your case this is the right place for support.

Also the answer for your first ticket you made gave all details.


With Microsoft hosted email services (such as Outlook, Hotmail, Msn, Live, or anything that goes through Microsoft at some point really) you will need to create a contact with the [email protected] email address. Microsoft can drop emails despite claiming to deliver it to their customers during the mail handover. However, they can silently drop the email your sending rather than delivering it to their customers without telling either the sender or the recipient that this has happened. Having the contact in your account seems to solve the issue for a lot of users.

If you’re not using a Microsoft provided email server, then please verify your mail server configuration and logs. Also check your spam folder.

For both scenario’s, make sure to whitelist and on your email server to make sure you can verify your email address with us and to avoid delay.

If you continue to have trouble with this, please post on so we can try to help you further here.

Thank you.

Same counts for the second ticket and the 2 replies.


I asked where technical support for this matter was, and was answered with “thanks” and a url to the community forums, in which I didn’t get any help either.
Other questions also remained unanswered.
If this is good support for you, it’s no wonder other people have the same experience.

My teamspeak license is running out in 2 days and I have no way of paying it. Well, atleast I received a lackluster answer from the support.
So yeah. I’m screwed and I was asked to report to these forums, which too is for a service I am paying good money for, unprofessional to say the least.

Also creating a contact as stated before doesnt work and a lot of email providers have the same problem.
I won’t argue here anymore. I’m nowhere further with my problem, this shouldnt be so complicated for a consumer. I’m just very disappointed with teamspeak.

I understand your frustration but our Sales support did the right thing regarding to the requests that have been made in these tickets. Repeating themself helps no one…

To clear some fog for me and our Sales Support team

So the point is not

  • Changing the myTS email (where you replied here on forum) and not about resetting
  • Resetting the myTS account password (the ticket you made)

The point is

  • You like to renew your license and don’t get any email on your Licensing account

Is that the case?
If the answer is a yes you will get another reply on the ticket.

What we can not solve is that you do not get a email on password reset on a myTS account.
The service for emails is working and sends desired emails.