Do not get any email (Hotmail, Live, Outlook)

I’m trying to register as a private gamer as I want to buy a license. But when i try to register, I don’t get the code sent to my e-mail.
The mail is not caught in my spam filter.
Can you help me?

My user is: hitman22jen

Here on forum we can not help you resend or anything.
The right place for businesses issues is

Hotmail, Live, Outlook

What i can tell you is that any Microsoft related E-Mail provider (Hotmail, Live, Outlook) do block our E-mails.
It can help to add following as contact

[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]


That’s a problem with hotmail… They block basically all incoming traffic.
The easiest solution would be to add the following addresses to you cantacts in hotmail.

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Then please contact Microsoft support.
They are blocking us, as I mentioned before.


I forgot my password and now I am not receiving the mail containing the authentication key to my mail. I wrote the problem to [email protected] and they banned my support account… just asking them to help

We can not solve this.
Microsoft decided to block our mails and won’t do anything here.

Please read my first reply to this topic.