Do you hear a difference betwenn Opus Voice 6-10?



i would like to know if any of you perceive a difference between the standard opus voice quality 6 and higher settings up to 10 ? Is it worth increasing it ?

I am currently setting up a server and i am wondering if it would be a good idea to set the quality for all channel to 10. But im not sure if this is recommended due to the higher required bandwith and possible lag issues with it. I know that it is just 7.71 KiB/s which doesnt sound like much but i heared in the past that this can cause some lag and package loss in some scenarios. Does anyone have experience with that ?

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I personally can tell that there is a difference which may only be small but enough that I notice it when one channel is not set to the max bitrate. Most people probably won’t notice it tough. I haven’t had any issues so far with lags/packet losses due to the higher bitrate but could occur if the bandwidth/processing power of the machine is a limiting factor. This also depends on how many people are talking on the server.

Maybe just try it with a higher bandwidth and see if you notice any lag/packet losses (or if you hear a difference) and if it isn’t working that way you can always switch back to a lower bitrate.

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Thank you. I will try to ask other poeple on my server later if they can hear a difference.

Also, are you familiar with permission system ? I am trying to make it where users can only create a subchannel in a very specific area but i can not find a way to do that.