Documentation for guiConnect in the PluginSDK 24

I have tried to establish a server connection using a plugin.
I have read that startConnection is not supposed to be used and one should rather use guiConnect.

However, I have not found an example for guiConnect in the example plugin, nor could I find any other example or documentation for the usage of that function.

Can anyone that has used it before successfully (if I try it just keeps crashing) give me a quick documentation on how to use it properly?

Just tested it, works fine for me:

    uint64 scHID = 0;
	ts3Functions.guiConnect(PLUGIN_CONNECT_TAB_CURRENT, "test", "", "", "testUser", "", "", "", "", "", "", "", "", "", &scHID);

Also have a look at the ts3_functions.h header file.
It explains fairly good what parameters are needed:

unsigned int (*guiConnect)(enum PluginConnectTab connectTab, const char* serverLabel, const char* serverAddress, const char* serverPassword, const char* nickname, const char* channel, const char* channelPassword, const char* captureProfile, const char* playbackProfile, const char* hotkeyProfile, const char* soundProfile, const char* userIdentity, const char* oneTimeKey, const char* phoneticName, uint64* scHandlerID);