Does 4netplayers still give beta keys?


They dont give beta keys. The only way is to register on: or to download the Client here:
You can use the Client, to voice chat with others, but for the Global Chat, you need Beta Access. :slight_smile:

That‘s not quite right. There was a promotion from 4Netplayers where you got 2 beta keys when you bought a TS server. But since the promotion started 8 months ago, I don’t know if it’s still running. :man_shrugging:

Someone replyed to me on reddit and said they still do. I have checked there website and tried renting a server but I got kinda freaked out about it and left

Well, Reddit is not really trustworthy from my point of view, because everyone can write something there. However, 4Netplayers offers a live chat in the support, which I would rather prefer to contact in this regard.

Although I did reset my password just now and my badges are missing

Is this normal?

mine are missing too I didn’t reset anything but all of them are gone for ts3

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