Donate to teamspeak

hi there I was wondering if there is any way to Support The TeamSpeak Client and the Devs Such as a Donations page or some sort? I love the Client and have been using it for many years. I have also Bought the mobile version was just wondering if I can Support Teamspeak any more?

Sorry Don’t know where to put this topic


Of course there is…

  • renting servers
  • getting annual activation licences
  • buying merchandise
  • buying phones versions (iOS + android)

It’s possible. :slight_smile:

.…and yes, i have all of them.


Would you be willing to link the store for the merchandise?

Here you have:

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I mentioned this before.

Teamspeak is small, once king now in the dirt, they need to admit this to themselves because clearly it showing and has been for a long while, while yes you could make the best VoIP but people don’t want to wait 5yrs to get it.

You should do some kind of rebrand with Kickstarter where people here who would love to see TS grow at a much faster rate can actually make a meaningful donation, which is far better than the silent treatment we get now. Honestly I love Teamspeak but the way they have been treating us it’s the type of relationship you just might have to walk away from even tho you don’t want to.