Don't have your Server Admin Query password? Look here!

  1. Manual Password Change

  2. Windows

  3. Linux

1.A Manual Password Change - Windows


  1. Go to your TeamSpeak 3 server folder.
  2. Create a shortcut of this file
  3. Choose the one that fits your situation
  4. Identify your server’s executable

Windows 32 Bit:


Windows 64 Bit:

  1. Right click on the shortcut
  2. Click (at bottom) properties
  3. In the target box should be something similar to one of these two depending where you put your server folder

Windows 32 Bit:

C:\Program Files\teamspeak3-server_win32\ts3server_win32.exe

Windows 64 Bit:

C:\Program Files\teamspeak3-server_win64\ts3server_win64.exe
  1. Put this after the .exe Remember to include a space after .exe!

  2. It should look something like this.

Windows 32 Bit

C:\Program Files\teamspeak3-server_win32\ts3server_win32.exe serveradmin_password=passwordhere

Windows 64 Bit

C:\Program Files\teamspeak3-server_win64\ts3server_win64.exe serveradmin_password=passwordhere
  1. Notice there is a space between .exe and serveradmin
  2. Change the green highlighted text to what ever password you want
  3. Now shutdown your TS3 server, and launch it through this shortcut.
  4. You have changed your serveradmin password!


  1. Open up a Terminal/CLI/Bash
  2. Navigate to your TeamSpeak 3 folder and open the file ‘’ with a texteditor

Replace the following code:


    with this:

   4. Save the file
  1. Change back to your command line interface and start the server with the following parameter:

(replace ‘YourNewPassword’ with your own password)

  • ./ start serveradmin_password=YourNewPassword

Your ServerQuery Admin password has been changed.

*You don’t have to append this parameter every time, a one-time server start with the parameter set will permanently change it


Hello, I have a problem when installing my TeamSpeak server, that the ServerQuery password does not appear in the “service teamspeak status” or in “cat /home/teamspeak/logs/ts3server_*”

[Linux Ubuntu 16.04]

Reset a forgotten serveradmin password

To reset the query admin password a server restart is required. Please stop your TeamSpeak 3 server and then launch it with the additional parameter:

./ inifile=ts3server.ini serveradmin_password=test1234

You should skip the inifile parameter if you’re not using an ini file when starting the server.

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