Double TeamSpeak server

I have a general question, so … I would be interested in general whether duplicated TeamSpeak servers are allowed.

Example here:


If you are talking about the name.
If I name my TeamSpeak server like some other one why would this be prohibited?


No … I have expressed little wrong. So … The TeamSpeak “” has several very highly listed servers, there are definitely about 10-15 servers that are there.

Enter Fitler in German by country

Then you see a lot of the servers mostly names like: “Free Russia Sponsoring |” or “Steam Games”

That’s why I’m asking.

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You’re still in the wrong place for that.
This drama was already started a time ago… >>click<<

It’s not pretty easy to handle that, but it’s also not against the rules.
And didn’t you contacted the piracy? Looks like you did it, and therebefore, you’re still asking. You’ve got literally no idea what you’re possibly talking about, and I bet that you’ve also never got in touch with that topic.

Do you got a problem with that? Then get in touch with the server operators, but none here in this forum will be able to get over your problems. :wink:

Anything more to say?