Download speed of the file transfer is limited to 5.55 KiB/s

Hello Community,

As it says in the Tittel, the download speed (Server -> Client) on my server is very limited. The upload speed (Client -> Server) however works with maximum speed. The server runs on a Windows Server 2019 with a 1 Gbit/s connection to the internet. The upload & download speed on the TeamSpeak server itself is limited to 10000000 byte/s (has been tested with -1, same effect).

The whole thing has also been tested with a TS3 client on the Windows Server 2019 (same machine) and you can see the problem too.

Changing the speed in the download window on the client: limiting it to 5 KiB/s and increasing the value will not change anything either.

Does anyone know what the problem could be?



I still have the problem that my download speed is limited. I tried to set up a new server and found that it allows a higher download rate without problems (limit set to -1 in both directions). Additionally I have deactivated all bots on the problematic server - no improvement. As well as checking the database of the server and as you can see, the values look also good:

18446744073709551615 corresponds to 8 bytes per 0xFF which is the maximum. The server has been updated and moved a lot but the filetransfehr used to work in the past. I don’t understand why this is now suddenly such a problem. The download of the server icons works also quite slowly as it seems to me.



Ich habe immer noch das Problem, dass meine Downloadgeschwindigkeit begrenzt ist. Ich habe nun probiert einen neuen Server aufzusetzen, und habe festgestellt dass dieser ohne Probleme eine erhöhte Downloadrate zulässt (Limit jeweils in beide Richtungen auf -1 gesetzt). Zusätzlich habe ich am problematischen Server noch alle Bots deaktiviert - Keine Verbesserung. Sowie die Datenbank des Servers überprüft und wie man sehen kann, sehen die Werte ebenfalls gut aus:
Anmerkung 2020-07-31 134808 Anmerkung 2020-07-31 134900
18446744073709551615 entspricht 8 Byte je 0xFF also das Maximum. Der Server wurde schon oft geupdatet und umgezogen aber der Filetransfehr hat früher einmal funktioniert. Warum das jetzt auf einmal so ein Problem darstellt verstehe ich nicht. Das Herunterladen der Server-Icons funktioniert auch recht langsam wie mir scheint.



Have you checked the bandwidth on the server instance?
Check with Query command instanceinfo

  • Should be that value by default:

And client has no limitation set (yes i did read the first post about this)?


serverinstance_max_download_total_bandwidth=1 serverinstance_max_upload_total_bandwidth=18446744073709551615

EDIT: Changed the value to 18446744073709551615 fixed the Problem.

Thank You

Tnx for the feedback and sorry for the late reply for that easy solution.